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I’m Rachel, a second year elementary art teacher at a school in Alexandria, Virginia, which is within the Fairfax County Public School system.  I am the only full-time art teacher at my school, and the other art teacher is here only one day per week, on a cart, to teach the kindergarteners.  While it’s a decent set-up for us both (I am limited to only 5 preps, and she doesn’t have to do any grading) I have gotten pretty lonely in terms of bouncing ideas off other art teachers.  The art-on-a-cart teacher and I have very different lunch breaks and planning times, so even when she’s here we don’t get to discuss much.  As such, I thought I might reach out to others in a similar situation to see if we could make an online elementary art teacher’s community.  This is my attempt at doing so.

I have uploaded a few sub lessons I recently mined from the internet for use during some inservices I had to attend, and hope to add more as I have time to write them up, or find/ create more.  I also plan to post new lessons I’ve created on this blog to get feedback from others and for your use!


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