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Today I added pictures to accompany the Animal Silhouettes sub lesson and added a new one, called Silly Sentences.  I also posted a lesson I created that I based on traditional Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Signs to have the students create a Personal Identity Radial Design.  You’ll find a power point of the hex sign examples, the files for the front and back of the brainstorming worksheet I created for the lesson, as well as a few examples of completed student artwork.


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Today I took photos of some of the best examples from the sub lessons I posted last week, and posted them on the respective lesson pages.  I also added a photo to the woven drawing lesson, but will have more for that one soon.  I don’t feel like the Crazy Hair Day lesson was as successful as it could have been, so I’ll be trying it again soon!

I also took a picture of a platter I started today during the Teacher Workday.  Those rubber leaf casts are harder to use than I’d expected… good thing I tried them out before I let my kids get their hands on them!  I ended up redrawing all the veins in the leaves with a needle tool so they were more visible.

Leaf Platter

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