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Today I was looking for some Chinese (or Japanese) brush painting resources to include step-by-step diagrams, since I will be teaching brush painting to my 5th graders tomorrow, I’m not excellent at it, and I can’t find my class set of worksheets and other resources.  I came upon this site, www.chinese-tools.com, which has a great section on brush painting animals.  The way the section is worded, it sounds like there are other categories available (for plants, more challenging subject matter, etc) but I have not been able to find it.  Anyway, here’s the direct link:   http://www.chinese-tools.com/learn/painting

On the site, there are 19 animal clickable links, with an 8-step process for creating the final product pictured.  Below is the process for painting a chick, as well as variations on the same animal.

One other exciting aspect of the site is the ability to convert your name into Chinese characters.  If you visit this link http://www.chinese-tools.com/names you can type in your name and click search, choose the closest one from the list, then it shoes you how your name would be written in Chinese.  Check mine out below:

(And, of course, there is plenty of advertising at the bottom of every page you visit.)  I have printed out all of the animal painting instructions, and will be making copies of them for my students to reference while they choose their subject matter for their paintings.  I’ll be putting them in plastic page protectors though, so students don’t ruin my copies immediately.


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